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Deciding on a paint color can be a daunting task. Using room color psychology to learn the room color meanings can help you narrow the choices, and make your room feel exactly like you want it to.

Let's dive right in and look at a few colours and how they can affect our mood!


Red is the most intense of the colors and definitely ramps up the energy in a room.

It stimulates the appetite and conversation which makes red a great color for dining rooms and kitchens.

In fact, more restaurants are painted red than any other color (it’s good for business!)

However it also raises blood pressure, heart rate and respiration.

So all that extra energy means it may not be so great for bedrooms or spa bathrooms where you are trying to relax.


Even though pink is a tint of red, and still has the cheerfulness of a warm color, it has a totally different effect on your mood.

Pink has been shown to promote calmness and reduce aggression. 

Apparently it works so well that some sports teams have resorted to painting the visitor’s locker room pink in an effort to reduce their opponent’s effectiveness on the field.


Orange is an energizing and fun color that has a lot of the same characteristics of red, but without the negative side effects (like higher blood pressure). And some say that it makes you feel younger.


Yellow is a cheerful and optimistic color.

It’s hard to feel down in a happy yellow room like this kitchen eating area.

Yellow is also supposed to help increase your focus…so studying in the kitchen would definitely be a good plan in this house.


Purple is a spiritual and creative color that people either seem to love or hate.

It also symbolizes luxury, wealth, and power, and is often associated with royalty.


Blue is the most calming of all the colors.

It is said to slow your heart rate and respiration as well as lower blood pressure.

Blue symbolizes trust, dependability, and stability which may be why more people choose it as their favorite color than any other color.

It also helps you think more clearly and be more productive, so blue is a great color for a study area or home office.


Green is the most relaxing color on the color wheel.

With its serene and tranquil feel, it’s no wonder it gets pick so often for spa bathrooms and restful bedrooms.

Since green is created from a combination of yellow and blue, it has the calming effects of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow.

Green is also believed to relieve stress which makes it a great color to use anywhere that you want to sit back and put your feet up.

There you have it! Next time you are having trouble picking a paint color for your room, try choosing the mood you want first.

Then you’ll have narrowed the field to only a couple of colors and can more easily go from there.

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